Samara Jewelry Designs

Jewelry Terminology

The following glossary will help to decipher jewelry descriptions:

Gemstone abbreviation example
19) .38 TCW – 19 stones totaling 0.38 total carat weight

Gemstone treatment codes
(listed after gemstone in quotation marks)
"N" - natural (NOT ENHANCED)
"E" - routinely enhanced
"R" - neutron irradiation

Size Relationships
1" = 2.54 CM = 25.4 MM   
1 carat diamond = 6.5 MM diameter = a little larger than 1/4" (about the size of a pencil eraser end)

– carat (weight of a gemstone; 5.0 carats = 1.0 grams
CZ – cubic zirconia (used as a placeholder for diamonds in temporarily set jewelry in many of our photographs, especially for display)
Created - A gemstone that is man-made; SJD offers very few of these and generally to replace very rare (cost prohibitive) or fragile gemstones in jewelry that may get a lot of wear
FW - freshwater: pertaining to pearls and where they are cultured
GR. - grams
K – karat (percentage of gold alloys in the metal of a piece of jewelry, pure gold is 24K; we generally carry 14K and 18K yellow, white and rose gold)
PLAT – platinum
R - rose gold
SC - single-cut, denotes trim diamonds that are cut with fewer facets than round brilliant cut diamonds
Semi-mt. – Semi-mount, a setting or piece of jewelry in which all of the trim stones are real and permanently set, but the main stone is not, leaving options open for gemstone or diamond setting.
SJD – a piece of jewelry designed and created by Samara Jewelry Designs
SS – sterling silver
TCW – total carat weight (applies to a total weight of a specific group of gemstones)
TS – temporarily-set (would need to be permanently set, or the stone could be replaced with a similar sized but different kind of stone)
W - white gold
Y - yellow gold