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Diamonds | Education

We do it differently at Samara Jewelry Designs. First, you choose the piece of jewelry you like, then we carefully hand select the size diamond with the quality that best fits your preferences. You do not have to settle for the diamond that just happens to be set in the ring you like. Our total commitment to you, our client, is to educate and assist you in choosing the perfect diamond for your special occasion. Samara Jewelry Designs has been the measure of excellence in diamonds for more than 26 years. Our excitement and passion is to bring you the highest quality, most brilliant diamonds at the most affordable price.


When it comes to determining a diamond’s quality and value there is a standard known as the ‘The Four C’s’…cut, color, clarity and carat. We do things differently here! Each diamond we will show you is hand selected by Greg. Greg, along with our entire team will educate you in the diamond buying process. We will ensure you are comfortable and confident with choosing the most exceptional diamond within your budget. Our personal approach to selling diamonds, is often the first step in building a lifelong relationship with you our client and friend.


The cut of the diamond determines its beauty. A diamond that is cut to correct proportions will have unrivaled brilliance. In a well cut diamond all the light that enters the stone will radiate out the table, (the top of the stone) creating its maximum brilliance. If a diamond is cut too shallow or too deep, the light will escape through the bottom or sides of the stone, making it less brilliant. When Greg choose a diamond his first and foremost decision is the cut of the stone.

Diamonds are cut in different shapes, the Round Brilliant Cut diamond is the classic shape and still remains the most popular shape for bridal jewelry. The Princess diamond, a beautifully cut square diamond is the second most popular shape. Other shapes include Cushion, Radiant, Marquise, Oval, Pear, and Emerald.


Diamonds occur in every color of the spectrum. The most desirable diamond color is “colorless” or what we often refer to as white. The scale used to grade the color of a diamond is the alphabet, from D to Z.  The highest letter D refers to the whitest diamond and as you go down the alphabet toward Z the diamond will become more yellow in color. The diamond colors most popular with Samara Jewelry Designs' bridal customers are G, H and I. Samara enjoys working with fancy colored diamonds as well as the traditional colorless. You will see yellow, pink. blue, champagne and black colored diamonds on display in unusual jewelry created right here in our store.


Clarity describes the number of imperfections, or "inclusions" in the diamond. Most diamonds have some degree of inclusion in them, we call these imperfections the diamonds finger print. The fewer the inclusions, the more rare and valuable the gem. Take a moment to review the “diamond reference sheet” to learn the clarity categories used in grading diamonds. Clarity begins at flawless and ends with included. We at Samara Jewelry Designs sell diamonds whose flaws are not visible to the naked eye. Diamonds are graded under 10 power magnification, our clients enjoy viewing their diamond in the microscope to see its individual finger print to know exactly what they are buying.


Diamonds are sold by carat weight. A one carat diamond is written 1.00ct.  A simple explanation is a carat is like pennies to a dollar; a half carat is written .50ct, a quarter carat is .25ct.  As a diamond's size increases its price exponentially increases due to its rarity.