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  • Links to our designer websites

    Samara Jewelry Designs has represented the following designers and companies in our gallery and they offer websites for further browsing of styles we may not regularly carry. Some of the websites listed below do publish MSRPs (manufacturer’s suggested retail prices); please contact Samara Jewelry Designs for a more accurate price. Oftentimes, our retail prices are lower than those published on the companies’ websites.

    Aladdin Gold Creations            

    Almor Designs                         

    Ancora Designs                       

    Armand Jacoby                       

    Asher Jewelry                         

    Aurum Design                        

    Deleo (Ballerina Jewelers)     


    Coast Diamond                      

    Crown Ring                            



    Dorel Dolberg/Zoma Color    

    Doves by Doron Paloma       

    Elma Gil                                 

    Facet Barcelona USA            

    H L Manufacturing                  


    I. Reiss Company                  

    Imperial Deltah                       


    Kelim Jewelry                        

    Kimberly Collins Colored Gems

    Levy Creations                      

    Lika Behar Collection            

    Lilly Barrack                          

    Mastoloni Pearls                   


    Midwest Diamond                 

    MMA / Silver Stars                

    Carla / Nancy B                    


    Pamela Huizenga Jewelry    

    Parade Design                       

    Parle Gems                           

    Quality Gold                           


    Royal Chain Group                

    S&R Designs                        

    I. Kashi & Sons                     

    Spectrum / Sylvie                 

    Stephen Estelle Jewelry       

    Steven Royce Designs        


    Suzy Landa Jewelry Design

    The Touch                            


    Unique Settings                   


    Wilkerson / John Bagley     



    *We do everything within our power to make sure our jewelry is truthfully represented on our website; however, on occasion mistakes are made and typos cause confusion. We reserve the right to remedy mistakes and misrepresentations. If this occurs, the purchasing party will be made aware of the modification by telephone or e-mail.