Samara's Limited Edition

Samara's Exclusive Designs

exclusive-designs.pngSamara’s exclusive designs are inspired by an original stone or a unique design which has an element so special it is a “one of a kind”.

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Custom Design

Chr5.jpgCustom design is one of the many services we offer at Samara Jewelry Designs.  Samara's detailed process ensures you will end up with a piece of jewelry you will cherish forever. The quality and craftsmanship put into each jewelry creations allows you to pass your heirloom on to the next generation. 

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Wish List

Pearl1.jpgThe perfect gift for you! What could be better? Stop in, browse our gallery on-line, or call us! All you have to do is fill out our Wish List with your favorite pieces of jewelry.

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Samara’s Limited Edition


Samara’s Limited Editions are her original designs adapted to be reproduced in limited quantities. Flawless craftsmanship with unexpected details come together elegantly in all of Samara’s designs. Samara's jewelry can fit any occasion or budget. Change the color of gold, the type of gemstone, add or subtract diamonds and a limited edtion design is transformed into a new look made specifically for you. These meticulously crafted designs of beauty will be treasured for a lifetime.

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