Creative Jewelry Process

Custom Design

Chr5.jpgCustom design is one of the many services we offer at Samara Jewelry Designs.  A custom designed piece of jewelry reflects your individuality like nothing else. Select you stones, have the setting crafted and see your dreams come true.

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Samara's Limited Edition

chocolate-pearls.pngSamara's Limited Edition features Samara's designs adapted to be reproduced in limited quantities.   

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Pearl1.jpgThe perfect gift for you! What could be better? Stop in, browse our gallery on-line, or call us! All you have to do is fill out our Wish List with your favorite pieces of jewelry.

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Creative Jewelry Process


Lost wax casting is the preferred process by which Samara’s jewelry designs are created. First a sketch is drawn of the new piece of jewelry. Next, a wax model is carved from a block of wax using a flexible shaft and carving bits. The wax is changed into metal through a foundry-like process where the wax is embedded in plaster and burned out in a kiln, which leaves an empty cavity. A centrifical caster shoots melted metal into this cavity producing the new piece of gold, silver or platinum jewelry. The rough metal casting is then filed, sanded and buffed to produce a shiny finished surface. The setting of the diamonds and gemstones is the final step to complete the beautiful new piece of jewelry.