For those who seek a gem of unique charm and unmatched beauty, our pearl collection will satisfy your ever desire. Pearls are a favorite gem of Samara's; the unique characteristics of the natural Keshi pearl, the casual flavor of the irregular Baroque pearl, to the smooth lustre of the Japanese Akoya, all inspire unique design possibilies. We display magnificent jewerly in the traditional white pearl, the luscious Black Tahitian, the golden South Sea, and the new ever so beautiful Chocolate Tahitian. The availability of the Chinese pearl has made pearl jewelry affordable for all customers. See the vast selection of pearls available at Samara Jewelry Designs.


*Please enjoy browsing our gallery. Keep in mind, this is only a very small sampling of our captivating collection.


Featured Designers

We have carefully selected only the finest designers that have the same passion for the fine art of design and craftsmanship in jewelry as we do. Our boutique like gallery does not carry the branded names of the big designers you see in every city. Instead we seek out the small designer, who we are able to meet in person, and get to know as an artist and a friend. We often invite them to do a trunk show  here in our gallery where you too, can meet the designer.  We are always on the cutting edge of jewelry design, you can see in our gallery all the latest trends and styles the same as  you might see in a magazine like Town and Country. 

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Samara's Exclusive Designs

exclusive-designs.pngSamara’s exclusive designs are inspired by an original stone or a unique design which has an element so special it is a “one of a kind”.

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