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Autumn_Diamond_ring.jpgWhen it comes to determining a diamond’s quality and value there is a standard known as the The Four C’s….cut, color, clarity and carat.

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Mens.jpgOur diamond jewelry is of exquisite design and unparalleled craftsmanship.

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Kaylynn_RTDS0018.jpgThe perfect gift for you! What could be better? Stop in, browse our gallery on-line, or call us! All you have to do is fill out our Wish List with your favorite pieces of jewelry.

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We do it differently at Samara Jewelry Designs. First, you choose the piece of jewelry you like, then we carefully hand select the size diamond with the quality that best fits your preferences. You do not have to settle for the diamond that just happens to be set in the ring you like. Our total commitment to you, our client, is to educate and assist you in choosing the perfect diamond for your special occasion. Samara Jewelry Designs has been the measure of excellence in diamonds for more than 26 years. Our excitement and passion is to bring you the highest quality, most brilliant diamonds at the most affordable price.

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